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Semiconductor Industry Software Solutions

Innovation to Semiconductor Industry

Einnosys Tech Provides Solutions to SECS/GEM, Modbus, and OPC without any Hardware or Software change in The Equipment. Our Products have benefited a large number of companies across the Globe.

More Benefits:

  • Yield Improvement
  • Saving Manufacturing Cost
  • Cycle Time Improvement
  • Give better OEE
  • Solutions To Advanced Process Control (APC)
  • Fault Detection & Classification
  • SECS/Gem For Non-SECS/Gem Equipment
Semiconductor software development company

This solution will Improve the Speed of Manufacturing, prevent Unnecessary Breakdowns of Equipment, and Decreases overall Manufacturing Cost.

With our team experience of more than 60 years, We have built applications for automation that run in Fabs or ATMs across the globe which are functioning 24x7x365.

Updation of Machines to Automation in the Semiconductor Industry is a big Challenge and The Unexpected Breakdowns can affect Production and Cost.

EinnoSys Tech provides the required Products that can Upgrade your Machines to Automation without any challenge or interruption. We also Provide Predictive Maintenance Devices that can Predict the failure in an Equipment in advance and prevent the Equipment Failure.

Our Produts